Real Asian. Real Simple.”

The Kahiki Story

At Kahiki, we believe Asian food is naturally delicious and always should be. With that belief as our foundation, we’ve created delicious, uncomplicated recipes balanced with traditional Asian flavors. Each variety of our entrées and appetizers combines classic Asian spices and seasonings with nutritious, wholesome ingredients to bring you great-tasting food with a pure, natural simplicity. From our kitchen to your table, we promise: Real Asian. Real Simple.

From our humble beginnings as the Kahiki restaurant all the way to today, our focus has always been to bring you the very best Asian food. Our commitment to pure, natural ingredients and delicious Asian flavors is at the heart of everything we do to make meals nutritious, easy and enjoyable for you and your family. Try Kahiki and let us know what you think so we can continue to improve our recipes and make meal time even better.